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I’m excited to finally be able to show you my most recent project!

When I graduated with my Masters’ I decided I wanted to keep up on my writing. I’ve had some gracious friends lend me their blog space and allow me to contribute to their online communities. I write monthly for Missio Alliance and starting this year, will also contribute monthly to the mudroom blog.

I guest-posted for mudroom a couple time this last year, so when their editor & curator asked about helping with a re-design I knew I wanted to work with them.  This redesign included a lot of growing and learning for me. I got to learn about the back-end of word press and dabble in code, short code and learn about themes and customizing plug-ins. I built a small media package for them which included some identity re-design and branding work for their social media outlets. I also made them a branding and identity style guide.

If you’re wondering, here’s a screen cap of some of their imaging before the redesign:

mudroom "before" image
mudroom “before” image

Their new blog launched on the 9th of January and can be found here. The social media package I designed is in my project gallery.


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